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Thunderbird Three Kit Update

Thunderbird Three Kit Update

Posted by Bernie Walsh on 15th Dec 2021

Hi Guys,

Thunderbird Three has started shipping!

Have you seen Paul Harrison's amazing build Video on YouTube?

Parts are still in printing and as the last parts make up kits they are shipping. The print room is humming as I have changed a few parts from the prototype kit so I will give a run down and comparasion between original and upgraded

First are the engine shrouds and pylons, look carefully and you can see that the upper engine in this image is different as far as the pylon shape is concerned. The lower newer part has a much sharper taper to the leading and trailing edges.

The second changewas the profile of the engine shroud, it has a higher waist and narrower taper towards the bottom hopefully capturing the look of the largest studio model

The third change was to lengthen the nose above the docking ring, an inch (25.4mm) was added here, original on the left, modified on the right. Adjustments were made to the length of the upper fuselage tube just below the docking ring to compensate.

Fourth and the biggest change of all was modelling this fin section with slots and a slightly raised base, originally I had planned to supply the acrylic tube shown right with laser cut fins which you would have to align and glue all eighteen fins. This part doubled the cost of the added 25% to the cost of the printer resin alone and held back the kit for two weeks as it takes a long time to print but it is so worth it and will have a big impact on the kits buildability.

The new Solar Ring which was a steeper angle and reduced height part, I wanted this model to look as close as possible to the group mind eye of what it should look like. I tried three different versions of this part and think I have the correct one now.

Finally the upper end cap was extended by 30%. I have finished the first prototypes for the Launch cradles, these will be available in January